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About Our Agency

David Randolph, Agent

Health insurance agents and brokers are a vital resource for consumers. Our services are especially needed now, as we all work to understand the complexities of federal reform.

Do you have someone you trust that you can call and discuss your policy with? I welcome the opportunity to help you navigate through the complex and confusing process of choosing a health plan that will fit your needs. My service does not end when your health policy is issued. I will also help you deal with claims and other reimbursement issues that might arise down the line.

Needs change over time: The policy you purchased in the past may or may not be the plan that best meets your needs today. Does your current Broker or agent communicate with you on an ongoing basis? Are you contacted at renewal to address your premium increase and current needs? When your needs change in the future, I will be here to help you.

Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation or plan comparison.

Agency History

I have walked in your shoes and know your confusion and frustrations. I worked in corporate America for many years. My benefits, were covered. I gave no thought to my health insurance and knew little or nothing about how my health coverage worked. (didn’t really care, it was a company benefit) When I was downsized in 1990, my wife had several medical conditions and we took advantage of the COBRA benefits. COBRA was expensive and I shopped for coverage in the individual market. I could not find anyone willing to help us. As soon as it was disclosed that she had an uninsurable condition and the “agent(s)” could not make a commission off her, I was shown the door. No one told me that I could move the rest of the family off COBRA, save premium and still have excellent coverage. I had to find this out on my own and decided there had to be a better way to help people in my position. I got my health license in 1992, found my niche in the individual health market and have never regretted my decision. If I am unable to find you the coverage, you need, I will help you in every way I can even if I don’t earn any commission selling you a product. There is never a charge for my excellent service.