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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

All Personally Identifiable information you provide is confidential. Obtaining your Personally Identifiable Information (PI!) obligates us to insure that your information remains private and secure.

Your PII is not shared or with anyone not involved in your actual quoting, determining eligibility in a Marketplace, completing and submitting an application. Your PII is used only as needed to carry out its required functions. Your PI! is never shared with anyone without your prior authorization.

We take reasonable steps to ensure your PI! is accurate, and up to date. All your data is protected whether it is in electronic, paper or oral format.

Your information is kept in a secure office and secure computers that cannot be accessed by anyone other than office staff and then, only when needed to maintain your policy or help you make decisions concerning your policy.

All PI! is securely destroyed or disposed of in an appropriate and reasonable manor.

This agency is covered by the same HIPPA rules your doctor must follow.