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Types of ACA Plans available

On Marketplace plans

On marketplace plans are the only plans available that allow you to take advantage of  the Subsidy and Cost Sharing provisions of the new law. If you qualify for a subsidy, you want to enroll in an ON Marketplace plan. Do not assume that you do not qualify for a subsidy. Run the subsidy calculator at You will need your estimated 2016 Modified Adjusted Income MAGI to figure your income for the subsidies. You can purchase an On Marketplace plan even if you do not qualify for a subsidy. If your financial situation changes and you have an On Marketplace plan, you may still qualify for a subsidy when you complete your 2016 taxes.

Off Marketplace plans:  Off Marketplace plans are not eligible for subsidies.  If you do not qualify for a subsidy, you will need to look at the Off Marketplace plans as well an On Marketplace plans.   Some companies offer Off Marketplace plans only and you may have more plan choices Off Marketplace.    

Networks:  Going forward, networks may be the most important thing to consider in choosing a Health Insurance companythat will best meet your needs. Some companies are downsizing their networks for The ACA plans.  Do not assume that your providers will be in network for the new plans even if you have been with the company for many years and your doctor’s and hospitals have always been in-network.